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Physiotherapy – Anterior Knee Pain

What is anterior knee pain?

Anterior knee pain refers to pain towards the front of the knee possibly just behind the patella (kneecap). Often patients report their pain being aggravated by climbing the stairs, prolonged bent-knee sitting, squatting, running and possibly jumping activities.

What causes anterior knee pain?

Causes of anterior knee pain may include:

  • strained tendons (tendinitis)
  • poor alignment of the patellofemoral joint
  • softening of the cartilage of the patella (underside of kneecap), often known as chondromalacia
  • biomechanical issues such as low arches / flat feet
  • weakness or or poorly activated muscles such as your quads (front of thigh) or hamstrings (back of thigh)
  • repetitive strain issues of the knee
  • bursitis which is inflammation of a knee bursa

Diagnosis of anterior knee pain

Diagnosis of anterior pain can be made by a physiotherapist or doctor who will examine your knee thoroughly. To make the most of your physiotherapy assessment we would advise you wear shorts to your appointment.

Physiotherapy for anterior knee pain

Our specialised physiotherapist will provide you with an accurate assessment, following which a careful explanation of your condition will be given. This will ensure you are well informed and gain an optimal outcome in the short and long term.

Physiotherapy treatment for anterior knee pain varies depending on the individual, what is found during assessment and any other underlying issues you may have. However treatment may include:

  • massage
  • patella and knee mobilisations
  • acupuncture and dry needling techniques
  • stretching exercises for the hamstrings, quadriceps, calf muscles and iliotibial band
  • strengthening exercises for the quadriceps, hip abductor and hip external rotator muscles
  • patellar taping techniques to correct the position of the patella
  • foot orthotic advice or possible referral to our trusted podiatry colleague

Rehab (knee and other areas?) and strengthening programs are always tailored and simple to follow. Edinburgh Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy use ExercisePrescriber software which allows us to email videos, diagrams and instructions to ensure you get the most out of your treatment.

We help reduce pain or eliminate it. We help with joint stiffness, promote healing and increase muscles strength and flexibility. We are passionate about what we do and work with you to get you back to your normal activities or competitive sport as quickly as possible.

For further information about how physiotherapy can help with your knee pain, or to book an assessment please call 0131 235 2354.