Home Visits

Top Tips for getting the most out of your community appointment


So… you have been allocated a physiotherapy home visit from Physiotherapy. On paper you may have more complex needs than other patients, perhaps you have a condition affecting your mobility, you have significant disabling pain, or need a longer appointment time. Maybe, you have reached a point whereby your function and ability to undertake activities has significantly reduced. You may have reached a stage where things have been difficult for some time. That is why, it is important to prepare and get the most out of your home visit appointment. 

Below is a checklist of things that you can organise and or prepare to help both you and your physiotherapist.


The appointment preparation checklist: 


  • Prescription list 

Have your prescription list to hand, or write down your medications. These can sometimes be hard to recall otherwise when put on the spot. 


  • Parking


Think about the best place for your Physiotherapist to park – they will ask you about this at time of arranging appointment on the telephone. If you live in a permit zone, let them know about the days/times restrictions are applicable. 


  • Second person for communication


Would you benefit by arranging for a relative or friend being at your appointment to help talk about how you are managing with things and your medical history? This is especially important for some patients, including those with Dementia. 


  • Second person for manual handling 


Similarly, if you have significant mobility problems and think a second person would be required for the appointment, it would be really appreciated if you could arrange for someone else to be there. This applies even if a second person is needed just to push a wheelchair behind for mobility practice, or if your next of kin would like guidance on manual handling. 


  • PPE


Your Physiotherapist will come wearing PPE, and if you can wear a mask this is needed. It is appreciated, however that for some cases this is not suitable owing to various medical issues. 


  • Space for assessment/treatment


Have a think about the layout of your house – where would have space and privacy for the appointment, and if you have a muscle/joint problem – where a portable treatment could be put up by your therapist. 


  • Environmental Screen 


Be aware, that in cases involving mobility/falls sometimes an environmental screen is asked to be undertaken of the house to identify any trip hazards or extra appliances you may have or need. 


  • Contact Point


For most community cases involving cognitive dysfunction or mobility/falls, an emergency contact is asked as a liaison point and in the event of there being no answer at the door on therapist arrival. 



  • Pets



Finally, it’s always an absolute delight and privilege to meet the furry family members of your household. However, from experience some critters want to make the appointment all about them. To avoid your pet becoming a trip hazard when working with Physio, make preparations for them to go a designated safe zone out the way, once they have had an opportunity to meet the therapist.   


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