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Physiotherapy For ACL Knee Injury

Physiotherapy for Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury 

Injuries to the ACL often occur as a result of a sporting injury for example, rugby, football, basketball, netball and skiing. ACL tears can greatly affect a persons’ mobility and pain levels, which physiotherapists can help with.

Physiotherapy treatment at Edinburgh Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy aims to help your recovery and help you to return to the sports or activities as soon as possible. Recently we treated a client who was preparing to return to Rugby after his surgery.


We tailored a 6 week return to running checklist as he had a hamstring craft. This was one of his weak areas and needed rebuilding. During his rehabilitation is was about managing workload and using mobilisation and massage to get the body back to full fitness. As the client progressed we altered the exercises and difficulty with the goal of return to competitive sport.

Testimonial – Physiotherapy for ACL Knee Injury

He had this to say “ Richard is a fantastic physio. He helped me with a detailed checklist of exercises and benchmarks to meet before returning to play. This gave me a massive amount of confidence to return after my ACL surgery as I knew I had done the work” Nick.

Treatment at Edinburgh Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy following an ACL injury or surgery aims to:
  • reduce pain
  • decrease swelling
  • increase range of movement
  • improve muscle activity and strength
  • improve balance and your joint proprioception
  • provide information to improve your overall fitness
  • help you self-manage and become independent with everyday activities
  • return you to your sport as quickly and as safely as possible

What else do we do?

Our specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapists have had years of experience in assessing, diagnosing and treating ACL problems. Your physiotherapist will also provide you with a tailored and progressive exercise plan. Physiotherapy treatment may include:

  • joint mobilisations
  • massage
  • ice to reduce swelling and relieve pain
  • gentle range of movement exercises to relieve pain, stiffness and swelling
  • isometric strengthening exercises
  • strengthening exercises will be progressed and advanced through range
  • balance training
  • core stability
  • functional and sports specific exercise
For further information about how physiotherapy can help your ACL injury, or to book an appointment with Edinburgh Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy please call 0131 235 2354.