Specialists In Sports Injuries

Sports injuries or long term niggles are frustrating. We provide a high level of expertise for the diagnosis and treatment of complex sports injuries as well as post surgical rehab. Helping people of all ages and abilities from a range of sports.

Unlike other clinics in Edinburgh we believe a combination of assessment, diagnosis, patient education, manual therapy and individualised exercise programs are the most effective way to achieve positive and sustainable results.

Whatever your sport or activity, it is frustrating to sustain an injury or suffer long term “niggles”.  Sports injuries can be very complex and build-up through poor technique or movement patterns, as well as unavoidable sudden sharp pulls, twists, strains or tears. Edinburgh Sports + Spinal Physiotherapy see a multitude of athletes and specialise in returning them to their sport or activity safely and in the fastest possible time.

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Sports Physio at Edinburgh Sports + Spinal Physiotherapy

Our vision is to to restore our patients from injury or pain and then help them thrive in their lives, activities or sport.

We relieve pain, reduce injury risk and inspire better athletic performance.

What can you expect?

  • An athlete focused physio approach
  • Accurate impression of your issue/condition/injury
  • Treatment of the underlying problem and importantly not just alleviation of the symptoms
  • Refined, even more targeted, treatment as the condition improves.
  • A plan that takes into account what you are trying to do/achieve (treating the whole athlete, not just the injury/complaint).
  • Trusted, respectful, knowledgeable and effective physiotherapists.

What is Sports Physiotherapy?

Sports Physiotherapy is the specialised branch of physiotherapy which deals with injuries and issues related to sports people. Sports physiotherapists help athletes of all ages using exercise, movement and manual based therapeutic interventions to treat the neuromusculoskeletal system.

Edinburgh Sports + Spinal Physiotherapy understand the importance of evidence based practice, and use findings from clinical  research to support their assessment and treatment choices for sports injuries.

Our new Earl Grey Street Clinic provides a strength and performance gym allowing a seamless transition from rehab to performance enhancement.

Common Sports Injuries

Edinburgh Sports + Spinal Physiotherapy are experts in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal and sports injuries.

We help return you to your best level of function after an injury

1. We’ll listen to you

We take a holistic approach and want to listen to your interests, sports, goals, training patterns and competitive ambitions (big or small). This will give us a greater understanding about why your sports injury came about, about you an athlete, as well as your individual motivations to return to your sport.

2. We’ll assess your sports injury

We have a number of specialist orthopaedic tests that aid us determine a diagnosis for each joint. As well as the specific joint or muscle, we will also assess other associated joints, your general and sport specific movement. This is because other underlying issues maybe contributing towards your sports injury.

3. We’ll explain it all to you

Understanding your injury, the cause and the treatment plan is very important to gaining a full recovery, therefore we will avoid medical jargon and provide you with a succinct understandable explanation.

4. We’ll provide treatment

Treatment methods depend on the sports injury, whether its acute or chronic, and its severity. However, we may use: massage, joint mobilisation, manipulation, muscle energy techniques, acupuncture, dry needling and taping. The aim of hands on treatment is to reduce your pain levels and restore your range of movement. Taping will help support the injured area or facilitate your normal movement.

5. Rehabilitation

We use evidence based and researched exercise therapy. Having played sport and picked up injuries ourselves we also have personal experience to draw on in order to help you understand your recovery. A tailored plan will be composed and explained and videos will be emailed to you.

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Comely Bank Clinic

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Earl Grey Street Clinic

Unit 4 New Uberior House, 3 Earl Grey Street,
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Richard is a top physio and knows exactly what he is speaking about! He was specific with information and able to identify my injury and gave me rest time and appropriate recovery exercises to get me playing rugby again asap! Would highly recommend him to anyone having problems! Mark

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Highly Recommend

Excellent treatment and advice from a knowledgeable and professional physiotherapist. Adept at answering questions and addressing any concerns I had. I felt very involved with my treatment as my goals were taken into account and treatment was tailored to these. Would recommend to anyone in need of an excellent physiotherapist. Angus

physiotherapy edinburgh, physio, sport physiotherapist
Excellent Physiotherapy

“I worked with Richard at Edinburgh Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy when I was recovery from an ACL reconstruction. His knowledge and understanding is excellent. We worked together to put a detailed return to running plan specific to the hamstring graft that was taken during surgery. I would definitely recommend this clinic and Richard”.

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ACL Physio Return to Sport Nick

“I have used other NHS and private physio services as well as chiropractors in the past without success and so came to Richard. Richard is a Physio who listens and understands your situation. After an initial assessment he will then organise a detailed treatment plan. I would highly recommend anyone with back pain to see him”.

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Compare Physio vs Chiropractors Marie

“Richard was very welcoming and provided an excellent service. After only 2 visits he had managed to eliminate all discomfort and pain in my neck. He explained what was going on and used different techniques to get speedy results. I would definitely recommend Richard to anyone and everyone who is looking for a physiotherapist in Edinburgh!”

physiotherapy edinburgh, physio, sports physio, physiotherapist
Michael Pain & Discomfort Michael