Our Vision

To inspire our patients to lead healthier and injury-free lives - whether it's reducing pain or accomplishing personal goals, we treat the athlete in everyone.


Comely Bank Clinic

52 Learmonth Grove,
Edinburgh, EH41BN

Earl Grey Street Clinic

Unit 4 New Uberior House, 3 Earl Grey Street,
Edinburgh, EH3 9BN

What To Expect At Your Appointment

A patient focused physiotherapy approach
Accurate impression of your issue/condition/injury
Treatment of the underlying problem and not just alleviation of the symptoms
Refined, targeted and evolving treatment as the condition improves
A plan that takes into account what you are trying to do/achieve (treating the whole person, not just the injury/complaint)
Trusted, respectful, knowledgeable and effective physiotherapists

Our treatment approach is tailored to each individual, simply because conditions and recovery times differ for every patient. We will always try to keep things simple, providing an uncomplicated explanation about your condition to ensure that there is no unnecessary confusion and that any fears are alleviated. Good communication between patient and therapist is vital to achieve the most effective results.

During your consultation we will take a thorough case history of your symptoms and other medical issues. Following this we will complete a physical examination. Once an impression has been reached about your condition, you will be given an explanation and a treatment plan.

If further tests are deemed necessary such as X-rays or perhaps an MRI scan, this can be arranged via our referral process to local private hospitals.

On Arrival

  1. We politely ask that you arrive at your appointment time exactly and to please wait outside the treatment room until greeted by your physiotherapist.
  2. Our admin team are working remotely, therefore the door maybe locked. We would greatly appreciate your patience and to wait for your physiotherapist to be greeted - tel: 0131 235 2354.
  3. Please remember to bring appropriate clothing to your session. For example, shorts for lower limb and lower back issues and/or a scoop neck vest top for upper limb and neck issue. This is to allow the physiotherapist to assess and treat the presenting area as efficiently as possible.
  4. Based on the size and layout of our clinic, please do not bring anyone else to your appointment unless they are your carer, guardian or chaperone.


  1. Please provide us with prior notice if you require disability access or whether you are currently using any mobility aids e.g. crutches, sticks or a wheelchair. A home visit maybe more appropriate and our team will be able to arrange this for you. Please call 0131 235 235.
  2. Our toilet unfortunately is not disability accessible.
  3. We have a rehab gym and gait analysis space which is in use throughout the day.

Booking And Payment

  1. Follow-up appointments will be made with your physio within the clinic room, online or by calling our reception team.
  2. We have card readers and bank transfer options, as we do not accept cash payments.


Cancellation Policy 

We understand that unavoidable circumstances arise and sometimes appointments have to be cancelled or rescheduled. However, we have to implement a strict cancellation policy to avoid delaying appointments required by other patients on our waiting list.

  1. The full price of the appointment fee will be charged for failure to provide 24 hours notice.
  2. Cancellations and/or rescheduling for Monday appointments must be made by 12pm on the prior Saturday. Failure to provide this notice will incur the full price of the appointment fee.  
  3. 'Non Attendance / NO SHOWS' will be charged the full price of the appointment fee.

Please call us on 0131 235 2354 during regular business hours to cancel or to reschedule your appointment.


We aim to make your visit as safe and as comfortable as possible. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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