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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a holistic approach to the management of disease and the maintenance of health, based on over 3000 years of history in the Far East. Physiotherapists use acupuncture to provide pain relief, with treatment involving the insertion of very fine needles into the skin.

How is it used?

Physiotherapists may also use acupuncture dry needling techniques in order to help reduce areas of soft tissues which have become taught or tense. This technique results in a reduction in trigger point tension, through increased blood flow to the areas.

Research shows that acupuncture needles release a number of hormones and chemicals that are naturally produced in the brain. These chemicals not only help in pain relief but may also assist the body’s healing process.

When your physiotherapist uses acupuncture, it may be combined with a range of other treatment techniques e.g. exercise and manual therapy.
Our physiotherapists are trained to a high level of standards and use Acupunture based on the ALIED principles:

  • Evidence-based application of Acupuncture
  • The use of Clinical Reasoning to determine appropriate treatment
  • The integration of Acupuncture into clinical practice


Edinburgh Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy are experts in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal and sports injuries. They use acupuncture and other treatment methods to help return you to your best level of function after an injury with the following approach:

  1. We’ll listen to you

We take a holistic approach and want to listen to your interests, activities, goals, and work patterns. This will give us a greater understanding about why your injury or pain came about, as well as your individual motivations to reduce pain and return to normal function.

  1. We’ll assess your injury and pain related condition

We have a number of specialist orthopaedic tests that aid us to determine a diagnosis for each joint. As well as the specific joint or muscle, we will also assess other associated joints, your general movement. This is to see if other underlying issues maybe contributing towards your problem.

  1. Before we provide acupuncture and treatment we’ll explain it all to you

Understanding your injury or pain, the cause of it and the treatment plan, is very important to gaining a full recovery, therefore we will avoid medical jargon and provide you with a succinct understandable explanation.

  1. We’ll provide treatment

As previously said, acupuncture maybe used in conjunction with other treatment methods. It depends on the injury, the individual, severity and whether it is acute or chronic. We therefore may use: massage, joint mobilisation, manipulation, muscle energy techniques, and taping. The aim of the acupuncture is to reduce pain or reduce taught trigger points. Hands on treatment is to reduce your pain levels and restore your range of movement. Taping will help support the injured area or facilitate your normal movement.

  1. Rehabilitation

We use evidence based and researched exercise therapy. A tailored plan will be composed and explained to help you self manage your problem at home. Videos of exercises will be emailed to you following your appointment.